Chicago Tribune : "Duck! It's 3D sound from ACEMILE's THEATRE BOX"

“The Theatre Box…sounds different from almost every other Bluetooth portable I've auditioned. The sound is big, wide and diffuse.”

"Can Acemile's Theatre Box take Bluetooth speakers to the next level (3D)?"   Click the link


Acemile Theatre Box Bluetooth Speaker Review

July 24, 2015

"The little Theatre Box will surprise you with its bold, big sound."

"Setting up the Theatre Box couldn’t be easier. I put my Samsung Galaxy S5 phone on top of the NFC icon to the right of the touch controls, and in a matter of seconds, a female voice announced, “Connected.” When I pressed the Bluetooth button to pair the Box with my iPad, same thing."

Gizmag Review: Theatre Box wireless 3D speaker offers portable 3D sound

July 17, 2015

For its compact size, the Theatre Box puts out a good amount of sound, which is loud enough to fill rooms and carry over to adjacent ones. While some speakers in the same size class can peak higher decibels, the Theatre Box balances volume versus distortion exceptionally well – better than many......

Digital Trends Publish Review on ACEMILE Theatre Box

June 23, 2015

Jun 23, 2015 Sunnyvale, the renowned high-tech lifestyle media Digital Trends released a thourough review on ACEMILE's Theatre Box speaker. This review article written by Bill Boberson was based on his review for nearly 2 months. It rates Theatre Box 4 stars, a very high rank that were rarely given to new brands.