December 25, 2014

Chicago Tribune : "Duck! It's 3D sound from ACEMILE's THEATRE BOX"

“The Theatre Box…sounds different from almost every other Bluetooth portable I've auditioned. The sound is big, wide and diffuse.”

"Can Acemile's Theatre Box take Bluetooth speakers to the next level (3D)?"   Click the link

Q3D Holophony

ACEMILE creatively built a 4.1 channel system into a palm’s grip. With four 2-inch full range driver and one 3-inch active bass driver well-tuned by a dual core digital audio processing circuit, the THEATRE BOX can smartly render HiFi quality music, movie or video game audio effects in an extremely vivid way.

THEATRE BOX adopts Q3D Holophony sound wave field synthesis, a brand new technology that can smartly gauge the sound field space, and render sound waves like continuous layers of bubbles. Each layer of the sound wave bubble are encoded with 3D audio effect. As the bubble expands and reach the audience's ears, the audience will clearly hear the vivid three dimensional sound effects. With the new technology, you can save much space of the living room. And while you are moving around in the room, you can still seamlessly enjoy the same 3D audio effect.